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Computer hardware and software support

We have technical experts, who can help the businesses with computer hardware and software support. Regardless of the industry, we service all our clients to get expert services offered by our teams. We can help the clients to get the latest state of the art hardware needed to take business ventures to the next level. On the other hand, we can provide the latest software applications, which can improve business efficiency and better customer service.

Networking and data security solutions

Networking is strongly associated with data security. We make sure that no client who works with us is subjected to hacking attempts, which can ruin their business ventures. We deliver expert solutions to all of them based on our expertise to ensure their security and help them to keep the peace of mind in the long run. We can also offer cloud storage solutions and help the clients to get the most out of cloud to ensure the success of a business. Our networking team is capable of

CCTV and security solutions

We have a team of CCTV experts, who can install the most reliable CCTV systems at the client premises. Along with that, we can tighten the security with ease. On top of the CCTV cameras, we can also install access control systems. This will enhance maximum security at the business premises.

Access Control System

The systems we provide are for the safety of our users. Access Control Systems are designed to ensure only those who are authorized to enter a facility such as your office/building/house/room are able to enter or access it.

The Access Control has a card reader which can be issued for a person.


Zafar Computers can supply equipment that has elements of sound, visuals (screens), through sources such as projectors, speakers, televisions, microphones and even loudspeakers.

Building Management System (BMS)

We have systems that we can integrate for your building/car park or office space that centralizes all equipment or mechanical technicalities into one system. For example, your CCTV, lifts, ventilation, lights, power-supply to all be integrated, managed and monitored in one system.

This will allow you to check any data important to make reports, alert you at any safety caution and even let you improve areas where you can be more efficient.

Gate Barrier System

Do you only want cars that authorized to enter your building come in? The Gate Barrier System is for your building then!

CCTV Systems

Not only has the integration of a CCTV system become mandatory for many spaces across UAE, but it is the safety precaution every company / office / building and individual must not ignore as it is about safety. At Zafar Computers, we can provide highly sophisticated CCTV solutions for large buildings and compounds, centralized for easy management and monitoring.